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Senior Vice President of Product Development
Blizzard Entertainment®, Inc.


        As Blizzard EntertainmentÒ, Inc.’s senior vice president of product development, Frank Pearce oversees the development of all Blizzard PC titles. He directed the entire development process of WarcraftÒ III: Reign of Chaos™ and Warcraft IIIÒ: The Frozen Throne™, which included the work of the art, programming, and production teams.

        Pearce also takes an active role in the development of World of WarcraftÒ as the current executive producer, overseeing overall development and ensuring that ongoing work on World of WarcraftÒ continues with the same direction and quality that marks all Blizzard games.  The development of World of Warcraft’s first expansion pack, World of WarcraftÒ: The Burning Crusade™, is also being overseen by Pearce as he acts as executive producer, directing the art, programming, and production teams that work on the growth of the Warcraft universe.

        In February 1991, Pearce co-founded Blizzard with Allen Adham and Mike Morhaime.  Pearce has been deeply involved in Blizzard games since the beginning, working on Amiga ports of various licensed titles, The Lost Vikings™, Blackthorne™ (SNES), Justice League Task Force™ (SNES), Lost Vikings II™ (SNES), WarcraftÒ II: Tides of Darkness™, DiabloÒ, StarCraftÒ, and StarCraftÒ: Brood War™.
 Pearce holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and engineering from the University of California in Los Angeles. 

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